• Voice Search In The Metaverse
    Advances in AI and machine learning will mimic human interactions and bring synthesized conversations into the metaverse. Meta Platforms is building a digital voice assistant to help people interact hands-free with physical devices.
  • Financial Impact Of Apple IDFA On Four Companies Greater Than First Estimated
    Lotame analyzed the 2022 revenue impact from Apple's privacy changes, and estimates the Identifier for Advertisers to have a total impact on companies of about $16 billion -- up 9% from pervious estimates.
  • 53% Of Survey Participants Say Radio, Podcast Ads Are More Relevant Than Other Media
    Audio may prove to be an influential performance media if it can directly attribute the message to the results, such as a purchase or the download of content like a digital song.
  • DuckDuckGo Debuts First Web Browser
    DuckDuckGo may have begun as a private search engine, but on Tuesday it debuted a web browser to run on Macs, now in Beta, with Windows coming soon.
  • Similarities And Differences In Languages Through A Semantic Network
    There are about 7,000 different languages in the world, so to think there are "several quintillion bytes of data" being generated in nearly all of them daily is mind-boggling. Tokyo University of Science researchers use a word co-occurrence network (WCN) to understand the commonalities and differences between languages -- a method to analyze text that includes a graphic of potential relationships between people, organizations, concepts, biologic organisms, and more.
  • How Google Multisearch -- Combining Text And Image -- Will Change SEO
    Google Lens now allows those searching to ask questions about the photo image they seek.
  • Semrush Data Identifies Nuances In Number Of Keywords Per Search
    In a study, Semrush found 51% of searches contained between one and two keywords, while 43.3% contained three to five, according to data released Thursday.
  • eBay: Why Recommerce Is Becoming A Thing
    Gen Z leads the recommerce market as consumers look to resell products they no longer use. Recommerce is a growing trend, as some products become more difficult to find and the price range for a new product is out of reach for some consumers.
  • Amazon Could Become Your Next Internet Provider, Ad Gatekeeper
    Amazon announced the largest commercial space launch deal ever, with agreements to provide launch services for its Project Kuiper. The project to create a constellation of satellites should increase broadband access globally.
  • iProspect's Newly Appointed Global Chief Client Strategy Officer Identifies With Batman
    As a huge Batman fan, Josh Dwiggins loves that the superhero does not have superpowers, but can always achieve success through hard work, discipline and dedication.
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