• Shopping Anytime, Anywhere; The App & Mortar Economy
    Now the retail industry is colliding with the mobile app economy. According to a recent IBM report, says Flurry, more than 18% of shoppers used a smartphone or tablet to access a retailer's website on Cyber Monday in 2012, an increase of 70% over 2011. Mobile made up 13% of total web-based purchases. The App & Mortar economy has arrived, concludes the report.
  • Adults Feel Personal Information Collected Online Unwarranted
    According to a recent Ipsos online study, 45% of U.S. adults feel that they have little (33%) or no (12%) control over the personal information companies gather while they are browsing the web or using online services such as photo sharing, travel, or gaming.
  • Super Super Bowl Stats
    The Super Bowl is over, but Marketing Charts has done a yeoman's job in collecting and summarizing advertising stats for the record, or just plain interesting. Their report starts with the Ace Metrix scores, which reflect the persuasive nature of the commercial (through desire, relevance, information, attention, change, and likability) and its watchability. Combined,
  • Email Marketing Works
    According to a quick data study by Docstoc, 94% of all internet users use the internet to send or read e-mails. That is more than any other activity.
  • 2012 Coupons Not The Same As 2011 Coupons
    According to NCH (Marketing Services,) 305 billion coupons were distributed by CPG marketers in 2012, exactly the same number as 2011. On the surface, that might appear as if there was no change at all. But the 305 billion coupons distributed in 2012 were not the same 305 billion coupons of 2011.
  • Social Media Just Another Task In The Job Description
    According to a new Ragan/NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions survey, 65% of organizations pile social media on top of other duties, while only 27% employ someone who focuses exclusively on social media. The survey found that organizations are cautious about dedicating resources to social media, and adding social media to the list of tasks traditionally assigned to communicators.
  • Targeting & Measurability Most Important Benefits of Online Advertising
    According to a new Marin Software study, conducted by Forrester Research, marketers are using online advertising to drive revenue outcomes, but face challenges without ample visibility into key performance metrics. The study suggests that advanced ad management programs can help advertisers scale ad programs, enable insight into data, offload operational headaches and improve program performance.
  • Addressing Need is Key To New Product Success
    New findings from a Nielsen global survey of respondents with Internet access reveal underlying consumer sentiment toward new product innovations. Though new products are a key source of growth and profitability for manufacturers, the vast majority of new products disappear from the shelf within the first three years of their introduction.
  • Fastfood Faster With Mobile Digital Ordering
    According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, in partnership with Viggle, consumers are turning to smartphones and tablets to place online orders for pick-up or delivery, with 69% of those polled saying they have placed food orders via mobile devices.
  • Fill 'er Up
    According to the latest research from Mintel, introductions of foods and drinks making a high protein claim are almost three times higher in the US than anywhere else in the world, accounting for 19% of global new product launches in 2012. High protein foods are one of the most sought after nutritional choices among American consumers to meet needs from balancing diet, building muscle and weight loss, says the report.
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