• Amazon Surpasses Facebook In Website Tracker Tags
    Research from Ghostery, a free privacy and security-related browser extension, found that in 2020 companies increased the number of website pages in which they track consumers, as the ad industry prepared to the departure of third-party signals from Google and Apple.
  • Inside LinkedIn's Big Strategy -- Bigger Than Product Pages
    LinkedIn's aspirations are much greater than being a passive platform for companies to connect with people. The vision will see the company transform into a digital storefront for B2B products.
  • The Road To Chatbots, Virtual Assistants For B2B Marketers, Per Forrester
    Chatbots and virtual assistants can help B2B companies close the gap, as buyers seek content delivered primarily through vendor websites, and search engines.
  • Bye-Bye Superhero 'F' - Foursquare Gets A Redesign
    If Foursquare's Superhero "F" could talk, it might say "the brand's technology has become much more sophiticated then in the past as it supports enterprise companies with a variety of advertising media campaigns."
  • YouTube Videos Dominate Top Google Search Results With Unexpected Differences
    A study of YouTube video rankings in Google reveals how often YouTube videos are top-ranked in Google search results, and major differences in Google's and YouTube's ranking algorithms.
  • Marketers Unprepared For Changes To Come In 2021, Studies Show
    What will it take for consumers to return to shopping in-store? A study by BlueVenn found a small percentage would avoid shopping in-store until they had the COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Adobe Event Turns From Geographic To Global Moments, So Will Yours In 2021
    The Adobe Max creativity conference drew record crowds to its virtual event, with 21 million total video views and 50 million social interactions. Adobe hired creators from the community to design some of the content for the event.
  • The Focus Of Google's Core Algorithm Update
    Just days into the holiday season, Google announced on Twitter the rollout of an algorithm update -- the third one this year.
  • Amazon Tells Advertisers To Use Behavioral Signals In OTT Ad Campaigns
    As marketplaces like Amazon see dramatic growth, one wants advertisers to take advantage of behavioral data from a variety of actions to support a range of media buys.
  • The Price Of Content-Related Keywords, Features Of Best-Performing Texts
    SEMrush's report analyzes data on Google, Twitter and other platforms as well as visits, backlinks and social shares and the correlation between metrics and elements such as text length, headlines, structure, the presence of visuals, the price of terms and the perfect length for descriptions.
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