• Microsoft: Zero Carbon, Zero Waste
    Microsoft plans to cut operational carbon emissions by 75% in the next 11 years and to reach 100% renewable energy that will power servers that will support search, cloud computing and other technologies.
  • Adult Websites Top Visits From Mobile Devices
    Mobile visits to websites have been creeping up to surpass visits to desktop. The more interesting data comes from analyzing the industries that are taking the lead.
  • Pinterest Introduces 2 Conversion Tools
    The two tools Pinterest launched Thursday offer conversion optimization for Promoted Pin campaigns and a conversion goals feature for video.
  • Google's Deindexing Bug: Random Or Systematic?
    Google confirmed that a bug on April 5 caused website pages to be deindexed after site owners reported ranking errors. A lot could be said about whether it was random or systematic.
  • Google Cloud Search Tool Finds Data Stored In SAP, Salesforce And Other Platforms
    Google has developed a tool that lets marketers and other enterprise customers of its cloud services search through their data, regardless of any third-party platforms where it is stored.
  • Only 4% Of 73,000 Business Locations Ready For Voice Search
    Businesses are not ready for their customers to use voice search, mostly due to misinformation in business listings. An Uberall report found 978,305 errors related to hours of business, accounting for nearly half of all locations analyzed.
  • Paid Search A Low Priority For SMBs
    Only 4% of small and medium-sized businesses consider paid search a priority, a survey revealed, while about 5% view it as second priority, and 5% consider it a third priority.
  • Klear Social Engine Adds Hashtag, Keyword, Brand To Search Capabilities
    Rather than using keywords like "beauty" and "activism" for general searches, the new capabilities help brands connect with influencers around niche topics like #OutfitOfThe Day, #CrueltyFree and #GunSafety.
  • Would You Click On A Bing Ads Action Extension?
    Advertisers participating in the beta saw average click-through rates increase by 20% when they served extensions, which entice people to click on ads driving them to a brand's site.
  • Are Brands 'Exiting' An Era Of Search?
    Search might be becoming an "old-school" marketing and advertising media, according to data released Wednesday from Borrell Associates.
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