• GoDaddy Integrates, Automates With Yelp
    The integration now offers an automated tool and alert that allows business owners to keep the information in the Yelp directory up to date.
  • Consumers, Publishers Struggling With Voice Search
    Some 21% of those participating in a survey use voice search weekly, but 57% have never tried voice search technology, according to data released Wednesday. Publishers have questions that Google has yet to answer.
  • Mother's Day Searches, Online Purchases Show Behavioral Trends
    Some 78% of all Mother's Day-related purchases occurred between May 5 and May 12, 2019, according to data that analyzes the first 12 days of the month.
  • Google Former Programmatic Head To Lead iQuanti Paid Media
    Lanka now leads iQuanti's analytics-driven paid-media practice and will oversee all paid products, including programmatic, social and search.
  • Latest Google AR Tech Might Be A Wake-Up Call For Marketers
    To say that Google's advertising and marketing technologies have become sophisticated is an understatement.
  • Google Partners With Reputation.com To Strengthen Business Profiles, Engagement
    Reviews drive business, but what about proximity and relevance? A partnership announced Thursday may strengthen the former and weaken the need for the latter.
  • Okay Google, Show Me Audio And Visuals
    Visual technologies announced Tuesday at Google's I/O conference will change the way marketers and those optimizing content for brands think about their relationships with consumers.
  • How Instagram Will Change Search, Path To Purchase
    Facebook built ecommerce capabilities into Instagram, known as a photo-sharing app. Now the platform uses photos to bridge discovery with purchases, changing the meaning of search.
  • What's A Conductor Without An Orchestra?
    The play on words refers to a new service providing personalized SEO support and a tool that combines data on social buzz and searches to identify and link trending topics with search keywords.
  • Google Debuts More Video Series On YouTube
    Google is now capitalizing on its video network. Its new series "SEO Mythbusting" answers key questions from the search community.
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