• Cost Of The White House - And Other Googled President's Day Trivia
    What's the White House worth? Presidents' Day lands on this Monday, in case you're not paying attention or are wrapped up in news about Trump's impeachment trial or COVID-19.
  • Data Goldmine: Why Microsoft Pursued Pinterest
    In the past year, Pinterest has invested in the ability to deliver returns on accountable performance advertising -- including conversion optimization, ads and shopping -- and to scale campaigns and improve on automation through tools like automated bidding.
  • YouTube Augments Search -- Why It Needs MRC Content-Level Accreditation
    More than 250 brands have reportedly stopped campaigns on YouTube and Google due to offensive content on the platforms throughout the years. Some of the bigger names include AT&T, Disney, Hasbro, P&G, and Nestle.
  • Microsoft Ads Replaces Manual CPC Bidding - What Advertisers Need To Know
    Microsoft's new approach to bidding will roll out between March and April and will affect all search, shopping, and Dynamic Search Ads campaigns that do not have automated bidding strategies.
  • Bad Isn't Always Bad: Negative Emotions, Even In Super Bowl Ads, Have Varying Influences
    A study of reactions to a video ad found that while sadness decreased sharing, other emotions like disgust slightly increased it. Emotion-provoking ads can create performance, though not in the traditional sense. Emotions also can make an ad go viral, and entice consumers to latch on to the brand for life.
  • Amazon's Super Bowl Ad Steams Up The Internet
    Amazon's Super Bowl LV commercial, Alexa's Body, shows a woman daydreaming about actor Michael B. Jordan embodying Amazon's Alexa device.
  • Whole Foods Announces Valentine Weekend Virtual Cook-Alongs, With Proceeds To COVID-19 Relief
    This week, Whole Foods Market announced a series of virtual live cook-along events to celebrate Valentine's Day weekend at home. Thirty-six percent of consumers surveyed by Suzy plan to cook dinner at home this year, while 28% plan to order from a restaurant and 23% will dine in at a restaurant. The study was fielded on Jan. 14, 2021.
  • What Ford's Partnership With Google Means
    Future Ford and Lincoln vehicles will offer Android-powered infotainment systems with Google apps built into the navigation system user interface. Ford is the most searched-for auto brand in the U.S., based on data from Google Trends.
  • What Google Learns When Searchers Don't Click
    A typically positive search feature for a Google searcher may be good for Google as it brings people to the search engine, but it's not always helpful for the brand.
  • Former LiveRamp Exec Joins Captify As Global VP Of Product
    The strategic new hire by search intelligence company Captify comes as Apple moves to strengthen its privacy policies and Google sunsets support for third-party cookies on Google Chrome.
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