• Google Blocked 99 Million Fake COVID-19 Ads
    The blocked topics range from fake miracle cures and vaccine doses to counterfeit N95 masks. Google's annual Ads Safety Report detailed the company's 2020 efforts to combat misinformation.
  • DuckDuckGo Calls Out Google For Reportedly Spying On Users In Incognito Mode
    Google is under fire for reportedly collecting data about users, even in incognito mode, which is intended to allow private searching without collecting data.
  • Identity Industry Vet Gets Behind Next Generation Of Ad Targeting
    The key is to help publishers take advantage of their first-party data, to "build the next generation of identity when cookies are gone," said Mano Pillai, LiveIntent chief product officer.
  • Performance Data Making A Difference -- What Types And Why
    How often do marketers optimize for social commerce media spend? What tools might they rate highest? Where do the most valuable insights on performance originate?
  • Microsoft Connects Bits With Atoms, Creates More Personal Experience
    Mixed reality -- receiving information holographically -- is the future when it comes to learning new skills, connecting with others and gaining efficiencies, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.
  • Dentsu Study Reveals Performance Metrics When Ad Choosers Choose Advertisers
    As "ad choosers" -- those open to online advertising on their terms -- become more prevalent, Dentsu is partnering with Brave Software to understand how advertising impacts key branding metrics for its advertisers vs. other digital campaigns.
  • He Built Google's Ad Biz, And Is Now Launching A Subscription-Based Search Engine
    The search engine will prioritize product reviews rather than ads for big-box retailers, and will serve news stories based on a user's interests gleaned from their subscriptions. A plug-in from other sources will allow users to search for information in one personalized dashboard.
  • The CMO Behind Creative Agency Majority
    Jorge Hernandez, CMO and a founding member of agency Majority, a creative agency focused on diversity, began his career as an engineer.
  • eBay Delists Six Dr. Seuss Books, Sending Amazon Prices To The Moon
    Demand for 6 Dr. Seuss books skyrocketed across online marketplaces this week after the publisher said it would halt publishing based on racist and insensitive imagery.
  • Data Shows How Emotional Connections Fuel Consumer Loyalty
    A massive 81% of consumers want to form relationships with brands, while 70% still prefer discounts and free products.
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