• TV, Digital: The Content Is Being Watched
    ABC is boasting about the "62% of millennials" connected to Disney-ABC content, more than other TV media companies.
  • Writers Demand More Control In OTT World
    Analysts say the WGA-talent agency battle could ding the production of TV shows and films.
  • Fox Promotes The Power Of Now
    Fox will get half of its revenue from advertising and half from affiliate relations, or fees for programming.
  • The Deepfake Video Takes Disinformation To A New, Terrifying Level
    Viewers can see a politician make a statement. But maybe that's not really him or her, just AI-manipulated images.
  • 'Game Of Thrones' Had A Modern-Day Visitor: Starbucks
    That Starbucks cup appearing in the fourth episode of this season's "Game of Thrones" maybe a first for a medieval dinner.
  • TV-Commerce Deals: Deja Vu Or Deja View?
    Now, TV networks are taking the reins, leaving out the middleman and offering more real-time marketing buying connections.
  • Thinking About Buying 8K TV Sets? No, You're Not
    Tech leads. But at some point, can we assume there will be a growing consumer media product glut?
  • Who Will Control TV's Future?
    The trends are turning: Nearly as many households watch TV via streaming platforms (68% of U.S. TV households) as through traditional means.
  • When TV Doesn't Check Trump's Tweets, Fake News Can Spread
    A study found 65% of the time, 32 news organizations failed to fact-checked Trump. Inaccurate or false information was broadcast without context.
  • Pausing TV: Viewers Enjoy, Marketers Adjust
    In a fractionalized media world, advertisers look for any edge and engagement.
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