• DMARC Dragging: Growth In Global Adoption Has Slowed
    The DMARC standard can save money for brands and facilitate use of BIMI. But not everyone has caught on, KDMARC reports.
  • Living Large Online: Gen Zers Think Digital Appearance Is More Important Than Personal
    Almost half of Americans spend more time browsing than working out or having sex, Squarespace reports.
  • They've Gotta Believe: What Makes Consumers Suspicious Of Brands
    Personalized emails based on unshared data can erode trust in a company, Jebbit reports.
  • The Free-Shipping Catch: Brands Have To Offer It If They Want The Order
    Consumers also demand free shipping, and most will buy more if a brand provides it, Ware2Go reports.
  • Inbox Chillout: Consumers Are Less Overwhelmed By Pandemic-Level Marketing Volume
    Many shoppers feel better overall, and 48% plan to spend more this summer than they did last year, Avionos reports.
  • First-Party Power: How Brands Can Avoid Relying On Cookies And Outside Data
    First-party data has many benefits, one of which is that it is privacy compliant. But you need the right tech stack, Braze and Segment report.
  • Up The Amazon: Prime Day Sales Rose, But Not As Much As Ad Spend
    Click-through rates and conversions both rose YoY, partly due to more engaging ads, Perpetua reports.
  • Pay To Play: Consumers Are Highly Willing To Join Premium Loyalty Programs
    Most shoppers are tired of redeeming points, and will join a paid program if the benefits are right, Clarus Commerce reports.
  • Q2 Purview: From Privacy To Software, Email Marketers Face Many Changes
    Apple's new Mail Privacy Protection is one of many developments that could alter how email is deployed, Essence of Email reports.
  • Buoyant B2B: Firms Stress Marketing As They Enhance Their Brands
    Email is widely used to support marketing priorities like branding and lead generation, Delia reports.
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