• A Copywriter's Tips: How To Write Lean Email Copy
    Studies show you have about two seconds to capture attention in the crowded inbox. Once an email is opened, you have five to 20 seconds to attract interest, communicate your key message and call to action, and create engagement with your brand. This is why the copywriter has to be on top of his or her game. No matter how much content properly belongs in your email, whether it's a single slogan or a newsletter full of stories, you have to make every word count.
  • Lifetime Value Of A Customer
    If you asked a new hotel staff member what a guest was worth when he or she first walked through the front door, you would get responses like $150-$200 or even a bold guess of $300. When you tell them they are actually worth over $50,000, disbelief usually leads to an explanation of how this is factored. If a guest has a good experience, he or she will likely visit twice a year for at least 10 years and would also tell five other people, 20% of whom would stay as well, and hopefully a similar dynamic would prevail. Now …
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