• NEW! Indian Motorcycle May Cause Sudden Bursts Of Daydreaming
    Motorcycle ad or Viagra spot? I wasn't sure when I first viewed the commercial for Indian Motorcycle's 2015 Indian Roadmaster. It's a beautiful touring bike and it stops one man dead in his tracks when he spots one parked outside a diner.
  • NEW! Expedia Gives Travelers An Incentive To Posting Throwback Thursday Pics
    Expedia has launched a fun social media campaign called #ThrowMeBack. People that post a favorite picture on Instagram or Twitter from the past might be chosen by Expedia to return to the beloved location and recreate the photo
  • NEW! 'Trap Door' Keeps Intruders Away From Wheat Thins
    Some folks are doomsday preppers and others just want to protect their stash of Wheat Thins. A man built an impressive "Trap Door" inside his kitchen that activates when someone gets too close to his beloved Wheat Thins atop the kitchen counter. There's just one tiny problem; the man falls through his own homemade booby-trap. Rather than reach his hand out to grab the snacks, he takes a step forward and falls through the trap door... twice. He's like a human version of Homer Simpson. "Must! Have! Wheat Thins!" closes the ad, …
  • NEW! Robots Have Tough Time Showing Emotion In Ads For Colorado Lottery
    The Manning Brothers rap for DirecTV. Look out for the Wheat Thins trap door. Let's launch!
  • NEW! SKYY Vodka Launches 'Leader,' The Latest Ad From 'West Of Expected' Campaign
    The follow-up spot to SKYY Vodka's "West of Expected" campaign stars the same quirky host who likens a night out with friends to birds flying in formation. In both scenarios, a leader is needed to buy a round and keep the birds in motion.
  • NEW! Twix Uses #TBT, Y2K And Dial-Up Internet To Explain Why Twix Bites Weren't Created Sooner
    Twix Bites is getting in on the Throw Back Thursday craze with a series of online videos explaining why the bite-sized versions of the beloved Twix bars weren't created sooner. Blame the 90's, especially Y2K and dial-up Internet access.
  • NEW! Off-Season, Manning Brothers Rap In DirecTV's 'Fantasy Football Fantasy'
    DirecTV scores with "Fantasy Football Fantasy," a 3:15 music video, starring Peyton and Eli rapping with and without autotune, promoting DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket's new Fantasy Zone Channel.
  • Olivari Audio Cookbook Launches Hands-Free Cooking App
    Random iPhone App of the week: Phones and tablets have become kitchen tools in their own right, guiding users through delicious recipes. But what happens when you have to swipe to the next instruction and your hands are covered in flour, sugar or something sticky? Enter the Olivari Audio Cookbook, the brainchild of Olivari olive oil. The hands-free app reads recipe instructions out loud, using voice commands to take cooks through the process step-by-step. Users have access to hundreds of recipes from Eating Well magazine, and cooks can add their own recipes …
  • Verizon FiOS Lets Users Upload Content Super-Fast
    Sharing is caring, and Verizon FiOS offers consumers a free upgrade that allows them to upload content as fast as they download content. A TV spot supporting the upgrade illustrates sharing pictures with family members or gaming with a loved one in another state. The fast data transfer times for Internet and TV means sharing content with family online is almost as fast as sharing photos with them in person. Almost. Watch "Sharing" here, created by McCann New York.
  • Rainvertising Promotes Bumbershoot Music Festival In Seattle
    Not only is rain Mother Nature's way to wash your car for free, it also serves as an ad medium to promote a music festival in one of the rainiest cities in America: Seattle. To promote the city's popular music & arts festival, Bumbershoot, Publicis Seattle devised a rain-activated advertising project on city sidewalks. The agency used a two-part spray paint system called NeverWet that is almost invisible when dry but comes to life when touched by water. Watch a video of the installation here. Next up: fogvertising in Los Angeles?
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