• Luncher App Lets Foodies Post And Vote On Best Lunches Daily
    Random iPhone App pf the week: Are you a lover of food porn with a competitive side? Check out the Luncher app. Foodies can post pictures of their lunches between 11 and 2:30  daily and vote on lunches in a head-to-head matchup. By the end of the day, one winning lunch pic remains. Once users post a lunch pic, they can track their lunch performance in real-time as other vote for or against their yummy meal. Voters use a lunch mouth to vote for the winning meal. Badges are awarded to lunch winners. Good luck trying …
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society PSA Features Patients Of All Ages Returning Home
    The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society launched a lovely 60-second PSA that celebrates the large number of blood cancer patients who are able to return home. Narrated by actress Linda Hunt, the ad shows vignettes of people of all ages returning home for the first time. As survivors are greeted by their families, Hunt says: "When you support LLS you not only advance the most pioneering cancer research of our time, you accelerate promising treatments that save lives. You make a difference." See the ad here, created by Interplanetary.
  • Morton Salt Creates 'Neighborly' Ad With Unlikely Friendship
    Morton Salt launched an adorable winter ad featuring an unlikely friendship between two neighborhood dogs. Lucy and George are complete opposites physically, but the pair love playing together in their communal backyard. Things change for the "Neighbors" when winter strikes and snow arrives. Rock salt was placed around one house, preventing the little dog to leave without injuring its paws. Once realized, the owner buys Morton Safe-T-Pet salt, making a reunion between the two dogs a cold, snowy, one. See it here, produced by Blacklist and Studio AKA.
  • St John Ambulance Creates Nursery Rhyme To Tackle Sensitive Subject
    St John Ambulance launched a 75-second ad that tackles a sensitive subject in a light-hearted way. "The Impossible Nursery Rhyme" tackles infant CPR with rhyming instructions sung to viewers by beloved nursery rhyme characters like Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty and Incy Wincy. "Place your baby on a nice flat surface and tilt their head back, don't be nervous," says Incy Wincy spider before infant CPR is described. "Remember this song in case things go wrong" closes the video, seen here, and created by BBH. Blink produced the spot, directed by Becky and Joe.
  • NEW! Play 'Bassetball' And Let Adoptable Dogs Pick Your March Madness Winner
    Michael Phelps shows his true self in Under Armour ad. Me-time whenever you need it. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Harlequin Offers 'Romance When You Need It'
    Every woman deserves some me-time, and Harlequin wants to help women escape reality with "Romance When You Need It," a platform that offers 17 downloadable Harlequin books for free. That long commute just became something to look forward to. The video shows an overworked woman whose boss tells her to take a break. The woman realizes that she indeed deserves some me-time that allows her to escape from reality. Seconds later, she and her co-workers are whisked away by sexy, romantic heroes like a billionaire playboy, shirtless fireman, cowboy, police officer, doctor and soldier. The spot …
  • NEW! Bacon Brothers Are Fans Of Eggs, Breaking And Entering
    Bacon and eggs go great with a little breaking and entering in a video for the American Egg Board. Kevin Bacon reprises his role as bacon to nutritional eggs and got his brother Michael to appear as well. The more bacon, the better. "Wake Up to Eggs with the Bacon Brothers" features the pair creepily entering people's houses under the guise that a breakfast of eggs is a nutritional, delicious way to begin your day. The brothers co-wrote a song, aptly titled, "E-G-G-S" that the duo sing to unsuspecting families. Of the two families visited, both …
  • NEW! Watch A Grueling Michael Phelps Workout In Ad For Under Armour
    First I got emotional watching Under Armour's 90-second TV spot starring Michael Phelps. Then I got emotional watching Phelps and his fiancee watch the spot for the very first time. Swimming's comeback kid is making another go at the Olympics in Rio and Phelps' ad for "It's What You Do In The Dark, That Puts You In The Light," campaign follows ads for the USA Gymnastics team and soccer player Memphis Depay. Viewers get a glimpse of typical training day for Phelps. It's grueling. A bearded Phelps looks more like a mountain man than aqua man, …
  • NEW! Snickers Sells Outlandish 'Hunger Innovations' On EBay
    Snickers Crisper launched a TV and social media campaign promoting items to help people during hangry moments. "Hunger Innovations" are products to help when they're feeling "Angreepy" (Angry + Sleepy), "Sulgar" (Sad + Vulgar) or "Sprincess" (Spacey + Princess). Viewers can visit eBay and bid on products for the next month. A punching bag with a pillow helps Angreepy folks, a tissue box with an accompanying swear jar is suited for Sulgar people and an astro tiara helps the space cadets in your life. Prices range from $29.99 to $89.99. Check them out here. A …
  • Dodge Launches Trio Of Ads Celebrating The Dodge Brothers
    Dodge is running a trio of TV and online ads that convey the essence of the Dodge Brothers. In "Wolf Pack," the fleet of sporty, speedy Dodge vehicles stick together... like a pack of wolves. See it here. "Pick-Up" captures the feeling of any father who dreads the time when his daughters are old enough to date. A Dodge Charger is cruising down the road, and a dad stops working to admire it. When the car pulls up the driveway and leaves with his two daughters, Dad's emotions take a turn for the worse.
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