• JFK Library Foundation Launches Campaign Anchored By @JohnFKennedy
    The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation launched the @JohnFKennedy Twitter handle today to introduce the late president's iconic ideas to a new generation.
  • Ben & Jerry's, Other B Corps., Seek To Harness Voter Enthusiasm
    The "Vote Every Day" campaign suggests consumer voting can continue past Election Day by buying from companies certified for social consciousness.
  • Cisco's New Campaign Seeks To 'Bridge The Possible'
    Ogilvy sees this campaign as a "flexible brand position" for a company that realizes B2B marketing is now more nuanced.
  • Smokers Cost Minnesotans Billions In Annual Healthcare
    ClearWay Minnesota and agency Haberman are out with a new anti-tobacco campaign that highlights the cost of tobacco-related healthcare expenses to state residents--over $7 billion.  The "See What You've Been Missing" creative shows a checkout conveyer belt with typical groceries along with cigarette boxes adorned with words like heart disease and lung cancer while a voiceover points out that each Minnesotan (smokers and nonsmokers alike) spends $593 a year on these health-related costs.  Another TV spot addresses the spike in Minnesota teen tobacco usage for the first time in 17 years largely due to e-cigarette …
  • Daisy Sour Cream's First Holiday Spot
    Daisy's first holiday spot features a narrative that recipes are a key thread connecting families during holiday gatherings.
  • Barnes & Noble Debuts First Work From Havas NA
    The integrated campaign's anthem ad is designed to illustrate how the store's merchandise can inspire people to learn.
  • Puerto Rico's New Rum Campaign
    The campaign consists of seven videos, five minutes each, that summarize the history and the process of making different rums.
  • Californians Need To 'Keep It Golden'
    Energy Upgrade California is encouraging state residents to become more energy efficient with the "39 Million Heirs" campaign. The creative, developed with DDB San Francisco, features the state's iconic landmarks, like the Getty Museum and Yosemite National Park, while the voiceover by native Californian actor Edward James Olmos reminds viewers "who stand to inherit small and large-scale items, including Redwood trees, mangos and beach houses that they need to preserve their state.” The ad ends with the tagline, "Keep It Golden." Having first rolled out locally in the San Diego market on October 15th, the spot will eventually go …
  • AARP, Ad Council Appeal To Latino Caregivers
    The creative, developed pro bono, reminds caregivers that getting support helps them provide the best care for their loved one.
  • Playstation, BBH NY Launch 'Journey Ahead'
    Playstation is out with a new action-packed ad, Journey Ahead, from BBH NY and shot in South Africa that combines CG and live-action elements designed to illustrate the client’s commitment to creating immersive experiences for gamers.  “Wake up, wake up,” the narrator intones as the film begins, “the time has come.” The action and mayhem build quickly as the film highlights popular releases such as Days Gone, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.  A 30-second version of the ad debuted Nov. 1 and a 60-second version will follow.  BBH worked with director Matthijs Van Heijningen and …
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