• Search Offset By Consumers Moving Away From Black Friday Deals
    A consumer trend to shop during the best deals, and not necessarily on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, could throw a wrench into this year's holiday shopping season.
  • Search May Be A Teenager, But It's Still Learning How To Walk
    It has been a long haul for Google as its execs work to bring search advertising to the masses. The ads began serving on desktop devices and made their way to mobile, but the biggest challenge now is the inability of those ads to be seen.
  • Akamai Moves Into Optimization For Marketers
    Akamai is moving into optimization for campaigns and content by developing an adaptive learning engine that gathers real user and application data to determine how apps work in different situations and then automates changes in the process.
  • Apple Expands Search Ads In App Store To Other Countries
    The move aims to drive app discovery in the App Stores in specific regions and will become available later this month.
  • Uber Engineers Open Up About Its Machine-Learning Platform
    Uber Technologies' machine-learning platform, Michelangelo, is designed to manage data, train, evaluate, and deploy models, and to make and monitor predictions. The system also supports traditional machine-learning models, time series forecasting, and deep learning.
  • Location-Based Placed Develops Attribution For Search
    The platform directly measures the search click through a redirect implemented by the advertiser. Wherever the click redirect is implemented, Placed is able to measure.
  • Google AMP: Mobile Conversions, Load Times, Click-Throughs Seem To Benefit
    Analysts at Stone Temple Consulting interviewed nearly a dozen companies from various industries that had implemented AMP on most or all of their pages, including companies that the consulting firm helped with their implementation. The firm helped to build AMP pages to understand what's involved and asked about their own implementation process and issues, resulting metrics, and return on investments. The study analyzes various myths and shares key takeaways from the participating companies such as media publishers, lead-generation sites, and e-commerce.
  • Marketers Grapple With The Best Time To Optimize Campaigns
    When asked to name the top strategic marketing challenges, marketers cited measuring and providing return on investments, understanding omnichannel behavior, optimizing media investments, developing content for multiple media channels, and managing shrinking budgets.
  • Walmart Lures Consumers To Google Voice Search With $25 Gift Card
    On Wednesday Walmart went live with personalized voice shopping on Google. The deal allows consumers to shop the retailer's more than 2 million products with their voice rather than typing in a query on a webpage from their PC or phone.
  • How YouTube TV Might Tie MLB Sponsorship Into Search Ads
    On Tuesday, MLB announced a partnership with YouTube that names Google's video service a World Series partner. As the presenting sponsor, YouTube TV will have commercials and callouts during each game running on Fox.
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